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Our Focus: Your Success
Thank you for visiting Ohnaka & Associates. We are a group of cross-cultural communications specialists who facilitate your business, legal, and personal dealings with your Japanese counterparts. Our services include cross-cultural training, translation, interpreting, localization, language instruction, and marketing support.
With more than 20 years of experience on the front lines of global business, we provide comprehensive Japanese language solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Beyond dictionary definitions and grammatical rules, our top priority is your success.

Our Strengths

Trusted by leading organizations and prominent individuals
Please visit our Clients section. We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to work with our extraordinary clients.

Trusted by language service agencies for expert opinions
Multilingual agencies often ask us to evaluate the work of their vendors… »

Excellent cost performance, unparalleled quality
We deliver the best results across all our price zones because Ohnaka & Associates operates very efficiently… »

The attentiveness of a small company, the caliber to manage massive projects
When you contact us, your questions will be answered by one of our experts, not by a salesperson… »

Owned and operated by a seasoned communications specialist
Our director oversees all production and services, and… »

Competent team of professional service providers
Our team members, who have solid academic backgrounds, unique talents, and… »

Continuing education
Ohnaka & Associates provides continuing education opportunities, including speech training and writing workshops… »

“Our Focus: Your Success”
Our business grows by helping our clients succeed. That’s why your needs are always our top priority… »

Case Studies

Two top Japanese executives took part in a U.S. industry-leader panel. Both executives spoke English, but one of them, the CEO of a leading global manufacturer, decided to hire an interpreter from Ohnaka & Associates… »

A multinational U.S. firm was concerned about its Japanese subsidiary using marketing materials that were not compliant with the firm’s global policy… »

A major law firm hired two language service providers to review a massive amount of evidence that was written in Japanese. One of the providers was a major multilingual agency… »

A global publisher had been using a major translation agency for its international editions. But after receiving a great deal of criticism from its French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese editors… »

A law firm was having difficulty taking depositions from its Japanese witnesses because of the “check interpreter” brought in by the opposing counsel… »

An American IT professional was seeking an executive position in Tokyo. He needed to translate into Japanese his C.V. and the detailed explanations of his previous projects… »

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